Off-site Scanning
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Why Outsourcing

Outsourcing can help you  save time, cost, and assure high quality scanning and indexing while you stay focused on your core business....

off site scan

Large amount of documents can be securely  processed at our facility. Saving time, resources and valuable office space.

Fast Track can securely transport your documents to our facility for professional scanning, capturing, indexing & e-filing.  

Our state-of-the-art imaging equipment with built-in intelligent scan features will ensure perfect image quality every time. Quality images will be provided without the need for manual correction and re-scanning. We also provide large sized scanning for Engineering and Architectural Drawings.


Professional indexing is the key to seamless search and instant retrieval. Each document can be indexed by unique reference such as PO number, invoice number, or customer ID. 
Upon completion, we will deliver the indexed  electronic files in CD, DVD, or upload to FTP or your ERP system.
The original hard copy documents can be directly delivered to your warehouse, or back to the office at your request. 
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