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If you prefer the scanning activities to be done by your staff, getting the right Capturing Software,Document Mangement System (DMS) and setting up profiles and indexing is just as important as the right scanning hardware. 


We also offer a wide range of solutions to fit individual users to multi-national companies requirements... including Scanners, Capturing Software, Document Management System(DMS), Consultation on Workflow, Training and Support. Fast Track will assess your requirements, providing you with the best combination of hardware and software. We provide professional advice on workflows, DMS and provide training to your staff. You can easily jump start your document imaging system in a short space of time.

Start searching your documents immediately with DMS or Searchable PDF and no more time wasted in finding documents!  
You can benefit from :
Jump start to your own document imaging system.
Optimize hardware for your individual requirements.
On-site installation with compatible software.  
Professional consultation on workflow and full training.  
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